Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement Intricacies

Garbage disposals are unsung heroes in our kitchens, silently dealing with food scraps and ensuring our sinks remain unclogged. However, like any appliance, they’re not immune to wear and tear. Understanding when and how to repair or replace your garbage disposal can save you from a big mess and an even bigger headache.

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Attention

  1. Unusual Noises: If you’re hearing metallic sounds, it might mean something’s gotten lodged, or a part within the disposal has loosened.
  2. Persistent Odor: Bad smells coming from the disposal even after cleaning could mean trapped food particles or a potential issue with the drain.
  3. Frequent Resets: Needing to hit the reset button regularly suggests the unit is overworking or malfunctioning.
  4. Poor Performance or No Power: If your disposal isn’t grinding as effectively or not turning on at all, it’s a clear sign of trouble.
  5. Leakage: Puddles under your sink? Your disposal might be the culprit.

Repairing Vs. Replacing: Making the Right Decision

Repair: Many issues with garbage disposals can be resolved with a repair. This is often the case when:

  • There’s a simple jam.
  • The issue is electrical, such as a faulty switch or a tripped breaker.
  • The disposal is relatively new.


  • If your disposal is over 10-15 years old, replacement might be more cost-effective than repair.
  • Persistent and recurrent problems indicate that the unit is on its last legs.
  • Newer models are more energy-efficient, so upgrading can be a proactive choice.

Before deciding on repair or replacement, it’s beneficial to weigh the cost of frequent repairs against the price and benefits of a new unit. Consumer Reports offers insight into when replacement is a smarter choice.

Choosing a New Garbage Disposal

When it’s time to replace your disposal, consider the following:

  1. Motor Size: More powerful motors can handle tougher food scraps.
  2. Stainless Steel Blades: These are durable and less prone to dulling.
  3. Noise Level: Some modern disposals come with sound-deadening features.
  4. Auto-Reverse: This feature helps clear potential jams.

For a rundown on the top garbage disposals in the market, check out this article from The Spruce.

DIY or Professional Help?

Garbage disposals might seem simple, but they’re connected to both your electrical and plumbing systems, making them tricky to work on. Here are some reasons to consider professional assistance:

  1. Safety: A professional will ensure all power connections are safely handled.
  2. Correct Installation: This ensures your disposal works efficiently and without leaks.
  3. Warranty: Some brands require professional installation for the warranty to remain valid.
  4. Time & Hassle: While DIY can be rewarding, there’s no substitute for the speed and assurance of professional service.

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