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Real Plumbers is a California-based plumbing business with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Because of our ability to deliver consistent, quality service at reasonable prices, we have become the go-to service for many Californian families. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to whatever challenges your pipes and plumbing fixtures throw our way.

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Real Plumbers IncReal Plumbers
5 Stars - Based on 111 User Reviews
Real Plumbers IncReal Plumbers Inc
5 Stars - Based on 10 User Reviews
tankless water heater repair

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters are compact units that connect to your plumbing and heat water on demand. Because they don’t store any water, they’re not susceptible to rusting or sediment build-up, which means there’s little danger of them leaking and causing water damage to your home. Most important of all, of course, is the fact that these units can provide a constant supply of hot water at a lower overall cost. You cut out all standby heat loss: that is, the loss you experience when the unused water in a storage water heater cools.

plumber fixing the sewer line

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Most of us never think about sewer lines until something goes wrong. Sewer line failures, though, can severely impact families and shut businesses down. To avoid such catastrophes, Real Plumbers Inc provides a number of services designed to keep sewer lines operating smoothly and to quickly repair or replace them when there is a problem.

snaking a cloggged drain

Drain Cleaning

Whether its someone shaving their chest or brushing their ponytail, there’s a high likelihood that hair will build up in your drain. And heaven forbid your wedding ring might join it. When you need your pipes cleaned (or something fished out of them), we’re just a phone call away


(323) 821-7922

real plumbers reviews


  • My bathroom sinks' plumbing line was clogged somewhere past my unit's plumbing and Real Plumbers were able to come within 2 hours of me calling them! They... Read More

    Katherine C.Katherine C.
  • Basement water heater started gushing water and Jose showed up within a half hour to stop the water and get it up and running again. He did a full... Read More

    Sloan C.Sloan C.
  • Jose came out to replace our garbage disposal (within 24h of my original call!), and immediately noticed the pipes under the sink were corroded and actually... Read More

    Anne H.Anne H.
  • Jose and his team at The Real Plumbers stand by their name. I called them yesterday about a gas leak after SoCal Gas was routinely checking for leaks on my street - and found gas emissions from our home. They shut our gas off. And left.
    Jose was here by 8 AM. Professional. Courteous. Hardworking.
    His team found 5 gas leaks and fixed them all. Thank you for fixing our gas leak and the new pipes.

    Read More
    Nicky HallNicky Hall
  • Jose Cabrales/Real Plumbers, Inc. responded within 30 minutes of my call.

    He was professional, pleasant, efficient, and accommodating. He came in and fixed the problem fast. He also took the time to talk to me about a project that I am lining up that requires the assistance of a plumber.

    I would definitely use this company in the future.

    Read More
    Peachee KeanePeachee Keane
  • Great service! They came within 20 minutes and were able to fix my issue.

    Read More
    Yassi YoudaiYassi Youdai
  • Real Plumbers were prompt, found the leak, and fixed it within an hour or two. When the water didn't come back on, they returned and it was because I didn't have the elbow grease to turn the sprinkler water valve fully on. Problem solved.

    Read More
    Catherine SchusterCatherine Schuster
  • We had a complicated issue - leak in/under the concreet floor. A guy from Angi list just made a mess and did nothing. We tried 4 more guys who either did not show up or were not able to fix. While real plumbers fixed it all , took half a day.

    Read More